Archive: Mar 2015

Parking on Greenspace By D Building

It has come to our attention that people have been parking on the lawn area across from apartments D-1 through D-5. If you have guests coming over and they need a place to park, please have them park in the guest spaces on the North side of building C. If you have any questions, please […]

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Parking Lot Maintenance

We recently re-paved the area in front of I Building to cover potholes and deteriorating asphalt. We will soon be sealing and re-striping the rest of the parking lot. We will notify you or the schedule beforehand so you may move your cars. Please call the office if you have any questions.

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Scheduled Pest Spraying

On 3/5/15 we sprayed Buildings D, G and H for bugs. If anybody is having problems, let us know. We will be spraying buildings I, C and F beginning of April. We will notify tenants at least 24 hours before we make entry. Please call 865-230-1523 if you have any questions.

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