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Emergency Numbers:

Hillwood Villas is pleased to provide our residents with 24 hour Emergency Service. Hopefully, you’ll never need this service, but if you do, our trained service staff just a phone call away. Before you pick up the phone to call us, we wnt you yo know what is and is not an emergency.

Time to look it up on a website? Probably NOT an afterhours emergency…. Lack of AC, hot water, or a clogged drain are not emergencies at 9pm (or 3am). Report them to the office through a maintenance ticket and they will be reviewed within 8 hours, regardless of the time or day.

Not Emergencies:

No Hot Water in your Apartment

This may be considered an emergency ONLY if there has been no hot water for an extended period of time: days not hours. In the event of no hot water, and it is not during a contractor’s normal business hours, we may be unable to repair the problem in as timely a manner as we would like, so be resourceful in the meantime.

Clogged or Backed Up Toilet

This may be considered an emergency ONLY if there is only one toilet in the unit AND you have made every effort, including plunging, to clear the stoppage yourself. In any case, turn off the valve behind the toilet, shut the lid and clean up any mess – due to health issues Hillwood Villas representatives will generally not begin work until the area is cleaned up and essentially free of bacterial contaminants.

Noise Complaints or Security Issues

Please contact the Police @ 911 then please leave us a voicemail at 865-230-2860. If the problem is not serious enough to involve the Police, you still may wish to make us aware of it, so we can address the issue properly, by leaving a Voice Message, describing the problem in detail, at 865-230-1860.

Air Conditioning

Failure of the AC system is NOT an emergency. Please report the problem via a maintenance ticket.

Locked Out of Your Apartment

If you lock yourself out of your apartment, you will need to call a locksmith. Lock-outs are not after hour emergencies. THE LOCK MAY NOT BE CHANGED unless absolutely necessary – and it is the Resident’s responsibility to ensure that any new lock is re-keyed to our masters. If you are locked out during normal office hours, please call maintenance at 865-300-6772.


No Heat in your Apartment

This is only an emergency in extreme cold weather in winter time and when the heater is not working due to mechanical malfunction. If your gas or electric is shut off for non-payment of your bill, call your electric or gas provider.
No Electricity in your Apartment
Blown fuses are not considered after-hours emergencies. Please familiarize yourself with your fuse panel and/or breakers.

Electrical Outage

Electrical outage may be considered an emergency ONLY if there is no electricity throughout the unit AND:
• You have called KUB at 865-524-2911 AND KUB is not at fault
• You have checked all circuit breakers by flipping them hard to the OFF position and then hard to the ON position and have reset any and all GFI breakers (these are the little buttons sometimes found on outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages) OR any fuses have been checked and replaced if burned out.

Partial outages do not constitute an emergency. If a wall switch or outlet begins to smoke or smell like it is burning, turn off the switch or unplug items from the outlet and turn off the circuit breaker or remove the fuse, then report the problem using a maintenance ticket (click here to log in to your account).

Gas Leaks or “Smell of Gas”

Please contact KUB at 865-524-2911 from a phone NOT located in the apartment. Sparks from phones, even cell phones, can ignite gas. Natural gas has the unmistakable odor of rotten eggs. If you suspect an appliance is leaking gas, turn off the appliance and turn off the gas supply to that appliance (you should be able to find a shut-off handle somewhere on the supply line).

Flooding of your Apartment

Call immediately if there is risk of damage to possessions or the property and you cannot contain the leak. Turn off the water valve to the broken pipe or to the exterior water main, if you can locate it, until a contractor arrives. Do everything within your power to contain any leaking or flooding and, if necessary, contact other residents who may be affected by the leak.


Call 911 first!! Then call us.

Total stoppage of the plumbing drain system

If your plumbing drain system ceases to work, none of your sinks, tubs or toilets will function properly. The stoppage of one toilet or drain when other bathrooms are functional is not an emergency.

If you are experiencing any of the above emergencies, please call 865-300-6772.

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