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How do you contact us?
Email, text, or call are the best ways to reach us. All messages received after office hours will be responded to on the following business day. Click here for contact info.

When is my rent due?
Rent is due on the 1st of every month. An invoice will publish 5 days before the due date to allow you to pay through your portal at your convenience.

How can I pay my rent?
Rent is payable via routing/account number or credit/debit card in your TenantCloud rent portal. Processing fees may apply when paying online. We also accept checks, cash, and money orders. Please make all checks payable to Hillwood Villas. You are welcome to drop off your payment to us in the office or deposit it into the onsite rent drop box.

What are the late fees?
There is a 5% late fee charged after 11:59 pm on the 5th of each month for any unpaid rent.

Am I responsible for utilities?
You are required to have all utilities in the unit turned on effective your move-in date. This includes power, water, & wastewater unless specifically stated otherwise for your unit. Please see your lease for clarification.
Utilities can be turned on via Knoxville Utility Board (KUB) at (865) 524-2911.

How do lease renewals work?
We will contact you 60 days prior to your lease expiration date to see what your intentions are. Once we know that you want to renew we will send out a lease renewal form via the TenantCloud rent portal. You are welcome to contact us sooner than the 60-day window if you already know that you will be staying with us for another year.

Do I have to sign a full 12mo lease renewal?
No, while your first lease with us is required to be a full 12mo lease, you are welcome to specify any number of months that you’d like to renew your lease for. Subject to approval by the property manager.

Do we have quiet hours?
Yes, quiet hours are stated in your lease from 10:30pm to 7:00am.

Can I smoke on the property?
Yes, smoking is permitted within the complex, but not allowed inside your unit. We ask that all ashtrays are cleaned regularly as well to keep the smell down as much as possible.

Can I have a grill on my patio/balcony?
Yes, electric grills are permitted for use within your unit or adjoined outdoor space. Gas, charcoal, and any other open-flame grills or fire pits are not permitted on the property. Two charcoal grills have been provided for your convenience and are located at both picnic areas within the complex.

Can I decorate my porch/patio for the holidays?
Of course! Outdoor holiday decor is permitted between Thanksgiving and January 7th of the following year.

Can I have guests in my unit?
Yes. Guests are permitted to stay with you for no longer than 14 days. After 14 days, guests become an occupant of the property and will need to go through the application process to be added to the lease.

What if I need to break my lease?
If you have unforeseen circumstances and need to break your lease, you are responsible for the rent, utilities, and all other costs associated with the leased premises until a new occupant can be found.

You are welcome to search for someone to take over your lease and refer them to our office, or we are happy to relist the unit online in search of a new tenant. As soon as a new occupant has signed a lease for the unit. We are happy to dissolve your existing lease without penalty.

Maintenance in Your Home

All maintenance requests are to be submitted online via your TenantCloud rent portal. Once you submit the form, our head of maintenance, Monty, will receive the ticket to his phone and respond accordingly.

What if I have a maintenance emergency?
For all maintenance emergencies, Monty can be reached on our maintenance line at (865) 300-6772. Please note that an emergency is a flood, no power, no water, or other dire items that can put the property or yourself in danger. In case of fire or other highly dangerous situations please call 911 immediately, and notify us after.

Air Conditioning:
During the summer, AC units can overheat causing them to freeze up and sometimes need to be defrosted. Overheating is caused by setting temperatures too low. “Too low” refers to any temperature 20 degrees or lower than the outside air temperature.
We recommend that you run your system (heating and cooling) as normal during cooler/warmer months prior to excessive heat or cold weather. This way if there is an issue we can address it before it becomes an emergency.

AC Filters:
Tenants are to change AC filters every 30 days. You can use any filter you choose. If AC filters are not changed frequently enough, they can clog the AC and or Heating unit, and cause damage. You as the tenant will be responsible for any repairs if your filters cause damage.

Garbage Disposal (if applicable):
If your disposal is not working or seems jammed you need to ensure that it is free and clear of all debris, as well as push the small reset button at the bottom of the disposal under the sink. Never put your hand in a disposal that is not unplugged. DO NOT put Draino down a disposal, this will ruin it. If we have to send a vendor out and find that it was something the tenant caused you will be charged.

If you have a toilet running, leaking, or overflowing shut off the toilet valve immediately to prevent further damage. If you have a leak under the sink be sure to shut off the water to the sink immediately. Please then notify Monty in case of flooding in your’s or surrounding units.

Paint & Walls:
You are required to leave the walls in the unit in the same condition as when you moved in. Painting of the units is not permitted and full security deposits will be kept if any walls are altered.
Decorations may be hung in your unit. We prefer small nail holes instead of 3M Command products, though either is fine. Security deposit deductions will be at the landlord’s discretion. Damage/holes in accent walls will incur a higher deduction than others.
TVs may be mounted by the maintenance crew only. Please place a maintenance ticket through your portal and they will arrive as soon as possible. TVs may not be mounted on accent walls.

Pest Control:
Pest control is provided on a regular basis. Tenants may not refuse pest control treatments. If the provided pest control vendor deems your unit the reason for a pest issue in your building due to unsanitary living conditions, you are responsible for the expense of any additional treatments needed to rid the building of the pest.

If you have any kind of backup in the unit, you will need to try a plunger prior to sending in a maintenance request. Any backups caused by tenant’s hair, debris, etc. will be a tenant expense.

Smoke detectors & Light bulbs:
Tenants are responsible to change the smoke detector batteries as needed, as well as replace all bulbs inside when burnt out.

Household garbage is not permitted to be stored on balconies, porches, or within units. All trash bags must immediately be disposed of in the provided dumpsters. Furniture is not permitted inside the dumpsters. Any trash or furniture left surrounding the dumpsters will not be picked up by Waste Connections and you will be asked to return and dispose of it properly. If it is still not removed after being contacted, maintenance will remove it and a $100 fee per item will be applied to your account.

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